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Tuesday, March 21, 2000
Blackstone Calling Card, one of the nation’s leading providers of prepaid products and services, announced today its expansion into one plus long distance service with its newest division, Blackstone Communications. Blackstone, with over 3,200 distributors nationwide, and over 7,800 retail accounts in the South Florida region, has rapidly become the country’s largest provider of prepaid telecommunications products and services. Product offerings now include prepaid calling cards, prepaid cellular, prepaid paging, prepaid dial tone, and prepaid Internet service. The company’s tremendous growth, coupled with the recent explosion in the telecommunications industry, has prompted the formation of the company’s newest division, Blackstone Communications. Luis Arias, CEO, states, "Blackstone Calling Card has generated a staggering base of loyal customers over the past 6 years. Our new division will enable these customers to enjoy the quality and service they have grown accustomed to -- from their own homes, without the burden of toll free numbers and pins." Among Blackstone’s new one plus offerings are Blackstone One Plus, Blackstone V-Link One, and 10-10-132. Each of these programs was created to appeal to a different end user, based on individual calling patterns. Blackstone One Plus offers a flat $0.07 long distance minute, all day and all night, with a minimal $4.95 monthly service charge Offering varied flat rate programs is Blackstone V-Link. This program utilizes the latest in telecommunications technology to offer four different flat rate packages, ranging from $9.95 to $99.95 per month. These packages also include enhanced services such as conference calling and one number follow me service. This enables the call to follow the consumer to whichever number he or she is currently at, based on a string of rollover numbers set up in the system. Voice mail and call screening are also among such enhanced services. Lastly, loyal Blackstone customers can use Blackstone long distance service without changing service providers. They simply dial 10-10-132 (to be running after April 1, 2000) from their home phones. The service will automatically route through Blackstone allowing the call to show up on their regular local telephone bill. Blackstone Calling Card is a leading provider of telecommunications products and services. Blackstone offers the industry’s widest assortment of prepaid phone cards, prepaid cellular, prepaid paging, prepaid dial tone, and prepaid Internet services. For more information on Blackstone prepaid products and services, call Andy Viera at 888.639.9590, or at For more information on Blackstone Communications, please call Mike Acton at 888.639.9590, or at