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Friday, December 01, 2000
BLACKSTONEONLINE.COM PERFORMS, the e-commerce website of Blackstone Communications, one of the nation’s leading providers of communications products and services, received three stars this month from Keynote®, the industry’s most prominent Internet performance company, for its stellar performance and availability. Blackstone currently offers its entire product line on its comprehensive website. With member areas for consumers, businesses, and distributors, offers Blackstone POS (point of sale activation) terminals, prepaid calling cards, cellular phones, pagers, and its signature line of Blackstone clothing. It also offers full web-based management reporting for its distributors and retailers. As a service to the public, Keynote tracks and rates the performance of many popular websites, including online brokerages and newsworthy special Internet events. The results are published on Keynote’s own website, and regularly in several leading business and industry publications, including Business 2.0, The Industry Standard, Interactive Week, Internet Week, Internet World, and ZDNet. This rating system is invaluable to companies operating e-commerce sites, as it provides vital information on the site’s performance and availability., this month, received three stars for performance: download time, download time distribution, and transaction download time. This rating reflects how well the site performs in relation to Keynote’s Top 40 benchmark sites. Three stars designates a download time within 75% to 110% of the Top 40. Blackstone’s site also received a three star (97%) rating for availability, or the percentage of successful connection attempts for both the URL and the corresponding Keynote index. A 97% rating, based on a total of 100%, illustrates that only 3% of the attempts to access resulted in error. Angel Pacheco, chief information officer, says, "We have spent the last several months getting the site up to speed. Our top priority is giving our customers everything they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced business environment. We believe that will become one of their most essential tools." Blackstone, with products available at over 300,000 retail locations nationwide, is a leading provider of telecommunications products and services. Blackstone offers the most technologically advanced point-of-sale system on the market today, as well as prepaid calling cards, prepaid wireless, prepaid dial tone, and prepaid Internet services. For more information on Blackstone products and services, call 1.888.639.9590.