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Wednesday, July 30, 2003
Blackstone (, a pioneer of the prepaid telecommunications industry, is now offering prepaid flowers by Eurofloral to it retailers and distributors nationwide. According to Juan Manuel Villegas, CEO of Eurofloral adds, “By using Eurofloral, consumers are getting the freshest flowers on the market. Because of our unique system, flowers are delivered without standing in line for days in coolers where vase life and general quality are tremendously compromised. Our flowers are sourced from all over the world and come to our fulfillment centers and are immediately delivered.” Using the minimalist approach, Eurofloral offers 42 different bouquets elegantly created from long stemmed Colombian and Ecuadorian roses and exotic greens. Designs are based Every Day Themes (Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, etc.), Seasonal Themes (Merry Christmas, Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Valentine’s Day, etc.) or on Sentimental Themes (Sympathy, Get Well Soon, etc.). All bouquets are guaranteed for 7 days of vase life in normal conditions. Michael Acton, Blackstone’s general manager adds, “What you see is what you get! The image of the bouquet you purchase is what is sent. No more surprises when you send or receive flowers.” How Does It Work 1. Consumer purchases a Prepaid Delivery Flower Card and dials the toll free number to place order 2. Provides the operator with information, including key number, bouquet name and style number, shipping name and address, and message 3. Order is entered into Eurofloral system 4. Bouquet is created and shipped for next day delivery via FedEx A pioneer of the prepaid telecommunications industry, Blackstone is currently one of the country’s largest providers of prepaid products and services through over 300,000 retail locations nationwide. Established and headquartered in Miami, Florida since 1995, Blackstone provides innovative solutions to local, national and international companies seeking to maximize their full potential – from calling cards, POS terminals, merchant processing, marketing & distribution to self-service, interactive kiosks – Blackstone offers a complete array of services to design, integrate and maintain high-impact, strategic business solutions via our global network of alliances and resources. For more information on Blackstone’s products and services visit or call 1-800-639-9590. Blackstone POS are trademarks of Blackstone Communications Co.; US and foreign patents