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Monday, January 01, 2007
MIAMI, FL –January 1, 2007--- PinservE technology is meeting the demands of the Dominican Republic market. PinservE provides a complete turnkey management and accounting suite that facilitates Union Telecard (UTD) the ability to sell PINS instantly in the Dominican Republic. “This division has been an exponential success since its inception processing millions of dollars in prepaid transactions daily. PinservE provides the Dominican Republic market with a complete end-to-end network of services,” said Luis Arias, CEO PinservE. The PinservE platform provides Dominicans with an entire accounting suite to facilitate transactions. This platform supplies crucial information for UTD to expand and grow their current business. The accounting suite offers the ability to manage all of UTD’s billing needs including invoices and real time sales reports. In addition, PinservE offers a unique Top-up feature to customers living in the Dominican Republic. The top-up feature allows friends and family members living in the United States to add and/or replenish cellular phone minutes of their friends and family members cell phones in the Dominican Republic. Friends and family members can add minutes instantly to their loved ones cellular phones. Through PinservE’s unique e-PIN management system UTD is able to create, store and deliver PINS on the spot. PinservE’s e-PIN management system is the perfect solution for fast, convenient and secure service. ABOUT PINSERVE Established in 1999, PinservE offers the necessary tools for the management and distribution of electronic PINs. PinservE supplies hosting, encryption, security PIN deployment and transaction workflow for clients. PinservE has a complete end-to-end suite of products including: e-PIN management, security, hardware and e-Pins products including, long distance calling cards, wireless recharge cards, top-up cellular phone service, store value cards and gift cards to assistance companies in expanding their business. PinservE technology that delivers. For more information please call 1-888-286-5238 or visit our website