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Monday, October 16, 2000
Blackstone Communications announces plans to develop a state-of-the-art headquarter facility. The company's tremendous growth has prompted the development of a bigger, more efficient, corporate headquarter facility, anticipated to open second quarter 2001. Setting precedence for its well-planned, all-inclusive design, Blackstone's new facility will offer its employees an optimal work environment. The 273,000 square foot facility has 151,000 square feet dedicated to executive offices, 50,000 to a turnkey customer service area, and an additional 50,000 to warehousing and shipping. With over 630 parking spaces on premise, the building will offer employees in-house day care services, a full service fitness center, and a 24 hour cafeteria. Luis Arias, CEO, states, "At Blackstone, we feel that happy employees are productive employees, and vice versa. Therefore, we believe in providing them with benefits that are above and beyond the norm." The new corporate headquarters will house all Blackstone staff, excluding the POS team. POS will reside in the current 36,000 headquarter facility, which is being transformed into fully equipped, fully staffed housing for the POS department, including Blackstone POS and Blackstone ISP servers and routers, as well as a team of network and software engineers. Blackstone, since 1994, has been a leading provider of telecommunications products and services, offering the industry's widest assortment of prepaid phone cards, prepaid cellular, prepaid paging, prepaid dial tone, Internet services, and POS terminals. For more information, please contact Brian Delatore, at 800.639.9590, or