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Friday, August 09, 2002
Blackstone (, one of the nation’s leading providers of prepaid telecommunications products and services, and world-famous astrologer, Walter Mercado, announce a distribution agreement. Walter Mercado is a world-famous, much loved and internationally admired astrologer, clairvoyant, author and spiritualist. For the past 25 years, throughout the United States and Latin America, his uncanny predictions have thrilled Spanish-speaking audiences. His television show, which appears on Univision, reaches over 200 million viewers worldwide. According to Carlos Rodriguez, Blackstone’s director of marketing, “Mr. Mercado has partnered with Blackstone, specifically, using the Blackstone No Connection Prepaid Calling Card as the prepaid calling card that best serves the needs of his legion of loyal fans. In addition to providing long distance services, the card, which has Mr. Mercado’s likeness, now offers access to daily horoscopes, lottery numbers and a host of other products and services provided by Mr. Mercado.” Blackstone has rapidly become one of the country’s largest providers of prepaid telecommunications products and services with over 300,000 retail locations nationwide. Established and headquartered in Miami, Florida since 1995, Blackstone is privately owned, and managed by a team of executives experienced in payment processing, networking, information services, oil & gas and prepaid telecommunications. Today, Blackstone is successfully merging two industries, prepaid telecommunications and electronic transactions, into one point-of-sale terminal to the benefit of merchants across the United States. For more information on Blackstone’s products and services call 1-800-639-9590 or visit For more information on Walter Mercado visit Blackstone POS are trademarks of Blackstone Communications Co.; US and foreign patents pending.