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Thursday, September 12, 2002
Blackstone (, one of the nation’s leading providers of electronic prepaid products and services, was received enthusiastically by the attendees of the Channel Partner Expo in Miami, Florida. According to Rudy Estefano, Blackstone’s vice president of POS sales, “The response to Blackstone and the Blackstone POS was overwhelmingly positive. Rarely do you get so many telecom agents, VARs and distributors together at one show. Throughout the Expo, we were able to renew old relationships and introduce ourselves to the newer agents. Overall, the show was a tremendous success for Blackstone!” The Channel Partners Conference & Expo is produced by Phone + magazine (, which since its founding in 1987 has been the voice for the sales channels in telecommunications, starting with resellers and agents and extending now into the new markets made possible by a growing variety of value-added services. Blackstone has developed a truly innovative point-of-sale system utilizing customized applications and software which successfully integrates the processing of all major credit cards and ATM/Debit/EBT cards with the sale of prepaid cellular and prepaid calling cards. Earlier this year, in recognition of the Blackstone POS system’s novelty, the United States Patent Office granted Blackstone broad rights to protect its exclusive technology which extends to Blackstone proprietary hardware, software and methodology. Blackstone has rapidly become one of the country’s largest providers of prepaid telecommunications products and services with over 300,000 retail locations nationwide. Established and headquartered in Miami, Florida since 1995, Blackstone is privately owned, and managed by a team of executives experienced in payment processing, networking, information services, oil & gas and prepaid telecommunications. Today, Blackstone is successfully merging two industries, prepaid telecommunications and electronic transactions, into one terminal to the benefit of merchants across the United States. For more information on Blackstone’s products and services call 1-800-639-9590 or visit Blackstone POS are trademarks of Blackstone Communications Co.; US and foreign patents pending.