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Wednesday, May 14, 2008
MIAMI, FL –May 14, 2008---Voila cellular handsets are now available through the Touch-n-Buy interactive kiosk. These cellular phones will be available exclusively for consumers currently living in Haiti. Voila cellular handsets are purchased in the United States, but must be redeemed in Haiti. Customers will be able to choose from three different handset options to keep in touch with loved ones. The Bird S700A features MP3 ringtones, in both English/French with 100HTG Real Time Replenishment all for $20. The Motorola C381 features a clear color STN display, up to 600 minutes of talk time and 300 HTG Real Time Replenishment all for $61. The Motorola V177 features a large color STN display, up to 500 minutes of talk time with 300 HTG Real Time Replenishment all for $68. When funds are exhausted customers may return to their nearest Touch-n-Buy retailer to add funds to the cellular accounts of loved ones living in Haiti. “Touch-n-Buy is excited to offer cellular handsets for Voila customers,” said Luis Arias, chief executive officer, Touch-n-Buy. “During these trying times it is of upmost importance to remain in contact with loved ones in Haiti.” ABOUT TOUCH-N-BUY Blackstone’s electronic transaction systems are an affordable way to sell a variety of prepaid products and services with speed and convenience. The most popular of which is the Touch-n-Buy interactive kiosk. This touch screen unit resides on the retailer’s counter allowing customers to easily access over 100 different products including gift cards, bill payment services, long distance and wireless calling cards all through a user friendly audio and touch screen display in either English or Spanish. After selecting his/her product, the consumer pays the cashier who then prints the product via a thermal card printer after entering a secure pass code. All products and services are delivered to the point of sale via Blackstone’s secure transaction processing platform. For more information, please visit our website at or contact us at 1-800-639-9590. # # #