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Monday, February 19, 2001
Blackstone, one of the nation’s leading providers of prepaid products and services, was named by Union Telecard Alliance/IDT as the exclusive distributor of the PT-1 products, Florida Card and Payless Florida prepaid calling cards in Florida. According to Mike Acton, Blackstone’s general manager, “Union’s products and services are exceptional. Distributors, retailers and consumers demand quality products and IDT provides it call after call. To have Florida Card and Payless added exclusively to our portfolio of prepaid calling cards is tremendous.” Additionally, Blackstone will continue to distribute the entire line of Union/IDT products across the country. Carlos Gomez, president of Union Telecard added, “Distributors and retailers have tremendous respect for Blackstone, plus, their extensive distribution network made them the logical choice. We look forward to continuing our long and rewarding relationship.” Union Telecard Alliance ( is one of the prepaid industry’s largest distributors of prepaid calling cards with sales of over $400 million per year. Carrying over 125 brands of calling cards including Megatel, Metropolis, Colombianita, Dominicall, Mega Mexico and many more. All long distance services are provided by IDT Corporation, whose telecommunications platform and network is on the cutting edge of technology, providing crisp, and clear connections at a fraction of normal costs. Blackstone has rapidly become one of the country’s largest providers of prepaid telecommunications products and services with over 300,000 retail locations nationwide. Today, Blackstone has developed the most innovative point-of-sale system. By integrating the processing of all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express & Discover Card) and ATM/Debit cards with the sale of prepaid products into one, easy-to-use POS terminal, Blackstone POS, has revolutionized the electronic transaction industry. For more information on Blackstone’s prepaid products and services contact Andy Viera at 1-800-639-9590 or visit