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Thursday, June 03, 2004
Blackstone Calling Cards and Siemens S.A.(, the multinational information and telecommunications giant, proudly announce the signing of a strategic alliance between the two companies for Blackstone to host, manage and distribute products and services via it’s licensed PIN dispensing network. Blackstone is licensed by Exigent Technology, Inc. to utilize it’s patented technology – including US Patent 6,651,885 - to host, manage and deliver e-PIN (electronic personal identification numbers) products in real-time for any organization’s telecommunications and utility needs. In this scenario, Siemens Andina will be using point-of-sale terminals with Blackstone’s licensed software which will communicate with the Blackstone system to dispense the requested product in an e-PIN or to credit payment for a service previously rendered. Heinz Habenicht, vice president of Siemens Andina, states, “Blackstone is solving a serious problem we are facing in this region with the continued deregulation of services, and that is the collection of payments for services rendered. We selected Blackstone as their platform goes beyond prepaid, but can also be configured to receive and process water, gas, electricity, telephone and tax payments for our postpaid customers.” According to Jaime Costa Jr., vice president of Blackstone, “This project is the conclusion of three years of testing a variety of technology platforms, creating a new and cutting-edge product, and building a new road towards the future of telecommunications.” Carlos Bertonatti, Blackstone’s president, says “The opportunity to work with Siemens is tremendous. They are unmistakably the leading manufacturer of telecommunication platforms in the world and we are honored to have been selected to become a part of the services they offer to their customers.” In 1927 Siemens supplied and installed the first automatic telephone switch in South America for the Municipal Businesses of Pereira. Siemens S. A. was founded in 1954 in Bogota, where its headquarters and factories of transformers, electric motors and panels of low and mid tension are located today. Siemens has branch offices in the main cities of the country: Barranquilla, Cali and Medellín. With the increasing regionalization and liberation of South America’s markets, in 1995 Siemens AG implemented a regional strategy by centralizing Siemens S. A., as well as the Siemens operations in Venezuela, Equador and Peru under a common direction for the "Andean Region". The goal is to maximize the available know-how in the four countries, as well as the local resources. Blackstone Calling Cards, Inc., a Miami-based telecommunications company, is licensed by Exigent Technology, Inc. ( to resell its intellectual property, including US Patent 6,651,885 for the real time delivery of PINs for telecom, gift card and other stored value products. Utilizing Exigent’s PinservE platform, Blackstone provides cutting edge technology to companies across the globe seeking electronic transaction solutions.