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Monday, July 19, 2004
ADMA Telecom, Blackstone and ETB (Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Bogota) proudly unveiled their newest prepaid long distance calling card product, ETB, during a launch party hosted by ADMA at Blackstone’s Headquarters. The ETB prepaid calling card is a no connection fee card specifically designed for the US-based Colombian Community – of over 5 million people - to call home via local access numbers in Atlanta, New Jersey, New York, and South Florida. ETB’s expansion plan focuses on new national and international markets while providing the best quality and logistics in the market today. Rafael Orduz, ETB’s president, says, “With this new prepaid product, ETB starts its expansion plan into new markets and prepares for free trade agreements between the United States and Colombia. Colombians living in the United States will be able to use this product very soon because of the excellent distribution of the product, managed by one of the best distribution companies in the United States, and the quality that we always offer to our clients”. The president of ADMA Telecom, Ricardo Olloqui, said, “We are pleased to have been chosen by ETB as strategic partners in the United States to develop jointly this magnificent project, and to launch the ETB Prepaid Card, a new service to the Colombian community in the United States, a group in constant growth.” The nation’s leading prepaid marketing & distribution company, Blackstone, has secured the distribution of the product. Luis Arias, Blackstone’s CEO, states, “The opportunity to offer our merchants and distributors a card of ETB’s caliber is tremendous. Having over 120 years of experience, ETB’s reputation in the Colombian community, and around the world, is second to none. We are pleased to have this opportunity to take this exceptional product to the marketplace.” The ETB Phone Card is available in $5 and $10 denominations. The no connection fee card offers competitive rates to Colombia via a local access number from South Florida, Atlanta, New Jersey, and New York. ADMA Telecom, Inc. ( was founded in 1994, and consolidated its operations in Miami, Florida, in 2000. Based in the United States, the company provides national and international prepaid telephone services, originating in several countries in America and Europe. The company specializes in providing services through its prepaid platform, using first hand technology & points of presence in the United States, Europe, and South America, utilizing fiber optic or satellite. A pioneer of the prepaid telecommunications industry, Blackstone ( is currently one of the country’s largest providers of prepaid products and services with thousands of retail locations nationwide. Established and headquartered in Miami, Florida since 1995, Blackstone provides innovative solutions to local, national and international companies seeking to maximize their full potential – from calling cards, POS terminals, merchant processing, marketing & distribution to self-service, interactive kiosks. ETB ( was founded in 1884 to provide telephone services to the residents of Bogotá, developing throughout the years into a national company that provides telecommunication services in a competitive market. ETB is a commercial society, supported by bonds, constituted as a public service company with over 60,000 invertors throughout Colombia. The company provides residential and paid telephone services, long distance, Internet and data, and cellular phone services supported by OLA. ETB has evolved to increase and provide better services to its clients. To better address their needs, the telecommunications company has undergone a transformation process becoming what it is today: “A renovated, competitive, telecommunications company that focus in its clients, telecommunications, marketing, and services.” For More Information: ADMA Telecom Virginia Godoy ++305.358.5850 Blackstone Clare J. Morgan ++305.639.9590 ETB Alejandra Buitrago Salamanca ++242 2221