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Monday, August 28, 2006
MIAMI, FL –August 28, 2006--- PinservE along with Movilnet in Venezuela has decided to provide their complete line of services to the Venezuelan market. Movilnet one of the biggest and most important carriers in Venezuela was looking for a provider for their prepaid services. PinservE was able to met Movilnet’s demands and provides them with a solution to this problem. “Venezuela has had a long desire to harness the ability to sell prepaid services to the masses via electronic devices and PinservE will provide them that ability,” said Luis Arias, CEO, PinservE. PinservE’s e-management system provides fast, convenient and secure service. By way of PinservE’s unique e-PIN management system customers are able to create, store, and deliver PINs on the spot. PinservE provides the ability to sell PINS instantly. All of this information is available with maximum-security protection against fraud and theft ensuring customers that their confidential information remains confidential. The PinservE platform allows for customized detailed reporting including transactional data, real-time sales reporting and revenue tracking. Clients will receive easy to read statements along with real-time sales reports via secure online web reporting. In addition, PinservE offers custom applications for end-user devices and terminal touch screen devices. PinservE hopes to provide their services to other worldwide companies in search of a solution to their prepaid and electronic products and services. This venture is likely to open doors to work with other major carriers in Venezuela and other countries in South America. Through this venture is PinservE is closer to their goal of becoming the number one choice for technology driven services in the world. ABOUT PINSERVE Established in 1999, PinservE offers the necessary tools for the management and distribution of electronic PINs. PinservE supplies hosting, encryption, security PIN deployment and transaction workflow for clients. PinservE has a complete end-to-end suite of products including: e-PIN management, security, hardware and e-Pins products including, long distance calling cards, wireless recharge cards, top-up cellular phone service, store value cards and gift cards to assistance companies in expanding their business. PinservE technology that delivers. For more information please call 1-888-286-5238 or visit our website