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Monday, October 15, 2007
Touch-n-Buy is offering recharge services to Pakistan to meet the growing demands of residents with family members in that country. Working with two of the largest mobile carriers in Pakistan, Jazz Pakistan-Mobillink and Telenor Pakistan friends and family living in the United States can recharge their friends and families cellular service in Pakistan. To take advantage of this service, a customer purchases the PIN in the United States. With the PIN the customer must contact their loved one in Pakistan and give them the PIN either via telephone or text message. The person living in Pakistan must call to activate the PIN. Once this is complete their loved one in Pakistan will have not have to worry about an additional cellular expense. According to Manuel Garcia, sales manager, “We are constantly looking for ways to improve communication with family living overseas with this new venture it is quickly becoming a possibility.” ABOUT TOUCH-n-BUY The Touch-n-Buy system is an affordable way to sell a variety of prepaid products and services with speed and convenience. The interactive touch screen sits on the counter allowing customers to easily access over 100 different products including gift cards, long distance and wireless calling cards, virtual cellular handsets bill payment and much more. After selecting his/her product, the consumer pays the cashier who prints the product via a thermal card printer after entering a secure pass code. The Touch-n-Buy does all the work via the user-friendly audio and touch-screen display which guides the consumer, in either English or Spanish, through the shopping experience, including the final selection of the calling card with maximum minutes for the country he/she is calling thus, becoming a destination for prepaid purchases and creating a loyal customer base. The advantages to the Touch-n-Buy system are: never lose a sale, no inventory to purchase or store, no theft E PINs are delivered upon purchase and Touch-n-Buy has a unique space saving design. For more information, please visit out website at or contact us at 1-800-639-9590.