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Thursday, April 03, 2008
MIAMI, FL –April 3, 2008---WellCare’s Health Card Benefit Program is now available to it’s over 15,000 customers in New Jersey and New York through Blackstone’s POS and Touch-n-Buy interactive kiosks. Blackstone is the sole transaction processor for the WellCare Health Card Benefit Program in those states. “We are delighted to have surpassed our goal by reaching over 15,000 customers for the WellCare Health Card Benefit Program in New York and New Jersey. We look forward to expanding this program throughout the WellCare footprint. This program is helping more and more people to access easy and reliable health plans for their health-related items and non-prescription drugs,” said Michael Acton, chief operating officer, Blackstone. The WellCare Health Card Benefit Program is administered through a debit card, which is redeemable for non-prescription drug and health-related items. Blackstone provides all processing and back-office support in connection with the use of the cards at the terminals, including approval of transactions involving the use of the cards up to the value established by WellCare. WellCare continuously adds members and pharmacies bi-weekly to aid in the expansion of this program. ABOUT BLACKSTONE Blackstone’s electronic transaction systems are an affordable way to sell a variety of prepaid products and services with speed and convenience. The most popular of which is the Touch-n-Buy interactive kiosk. This touch screen unit resides on the retailer’s counter allowing customers to easily access over 100 different products including gift cards, bill payment services, long distance and wireless calling cards all through a user friendly audio and touch screen display in either English or Spanish. After selecting his/her product, the consumer pays the cashier who then prints the product via a thermal card printer after entering a secure pass code. All products and services are delivered to the point of sale via Blackstone’s secure transaction processing platform. For more information, please visit our website at or contact us at 1-800-639-9590. # # #