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About Us

PinservE utilizes cutting edge technology to successfully consolidate all aspects of the prepaid industry. This sophisticated and structured network is designed to address and fulfill specific needs of providers, retailers and distributors to expand their business. PinservE provides the technological knowledge and expertise to warehouse maintain, manage and deploy electronic products.

PinservE, the technological backbone of Blackstone suite of products, provides world-class service through our universal electronic processing platform. PinservE supplies a complete end-to-end network of services for clients including: e-PIN creation, hardware deployment and PIN delivery through our secure facility. In addition, PinservE offers superior client management reporting, customer service, and technological support.

Prepaid Processing Host

  • The Pin Management System uses ISO 8583 messaging protocol for credit card acquiring.
  • Capability to process up to 2,000,000 transactions per hour.
  • Its open architecture has allowed PinservE to export its platform to international markets.

PinservE Key Strengths

  • Complete Client Management
  • Merchant Processing Tools: Tools in place to allow for strict underwriting criteria for credit evaluation and processing.
  • Deployment Tools: Systems for downloading and deploying with a 24-hour turnaround.
  • Compliance and Collection Tools: Closely monitors credit levels for unusual activity, prepaid side monitoring, reporting and account crediting in areas.
  • Account Management: Proactively provides customers with on-going personalized support.
  • Customer Service Support is available 7 days a week.
  • Technical Support Team is certified on various point of sale manufacturers.