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Tuesday, August 15, 2000
Blackstone, one of the nation's leading providers of prepaid products and services, announced today the opening of its third Blackstone Online telecommunications store, located at 808 Summit Avenue, in Union City, New Jersey. Blackstone Online stores are currently under construction in several metropolitan markets across the United States. The opening of the New Jersey store follows the company's recent opening of its New York and Miami locations, and features Blackstone's complete line of calling cards and wireless products. Wireless offerings presently include BellSouth Mobility, AT&T Nationwide, and VoiceStream Nationwide plans, plus a vast assortment of Blackstone's state-of-the-art pagers. "New Jersey was the next logical location for our Blackstone Online chain," says Luis Arias, the company's chief executive. "New York, Miami, and New Jersey combined account for the country's highest volume of prepaid sales. In our efforts to support the prepaid phone card and wireless markets nationwide, we determined that a New Jersey location would be advantageous to us, as well as beneficial for distributors in this region." The U.S. prepaid calling card market has experienced many difficulties throughout the last decade, including poor quality, unreliable connections, and short shelf life for many products. Blackstone, with its store-fronts, will provide the impetus for change. The opening of these stores will give distributors and retailers a chance for success with reliable products and realistic margins. Blackstone, servicing over 300,000 retail accounts nationwide, has rapidly become one of the country's largest providers of prepaid telecommunications products and services. Product offerings now include prepaid calling cards, prepaid cellular, prepaid paging, prepaid dial tone, Internet services, and the most technologically advanced point-of-sale activation systems in the marketplace today. For more information on Blackstone products and services, call Mike Acton ( )at 888.639.9590.