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Thursday, August 09, 2001
Blackstone (, one of the nation’s leading providers of prepaid products and services, is proud to announce the launch of Caribe Card Florida. Blackstone will be focusing the distribution of Caribe Card in the states of Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North & South Carolina and Tennessee. Caribe Card is a highly competitive prepaid calling card that combines a top quality network, Verizon Select Services, and United States Advanced Network Inc., providers of long distance, with the powerful distribution of Blackstone. Caribe Card, available in $5 and $10 denominations, is the only card that also has an 800 access from the Dominican Republic to call the United States and the rest of the world. Blackstone’s marketing director, Carlos Rodríguez says, “Caribe Card Florida has been specifically designed to appeal to consumers from the Caribbean. Plus, Codetel International is committed to supporting our agents and distributors with radio spots and community events to create retailer and consumer awareness.” “We are committed to quality, and to serving the prepaid industry in the state. Every day, consumers are becoming aware of all the benefits of prepaid calling cards. The marketing efforts planned, and especially the partnership with Blackstone, are key to this program. With the release of this product, Codetel International Comm. strongly believes that the market can rest assured that all of its needs will be satisfied in terms of prepaid calling cards,” says Rosalía Díaz, marketing specialist for Codetel International Comm. Codetel International Comm., the carrier and prepaid division of Codetel in the United States, specializes in ethnic communities throughout the country. Codetel ( has been owned and operated by Verizon for more than 70 years. Codetel provides local, wireless and national and international long distance telephone service in the Dominican Republic. Codetel has connectivity with carriers all over the world, maintaining strong relationships with the Latin American countries, which makes them leaders for traffic termination in the Caribbean Hemisphere. Blackstone has rapidly become one of the country’s largest providers of prepaid telecommunications products and services with over 300,000 retail locations nationwide. Blackstone has successfully integrated the processing of all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Card and Diners Club) and ATM/Debit cards with the sale of prepaid cellular and prepaid calling cards into one, easy-to-use POS terminal. The Blackstone POS is revolutionizing the electronic transaction industry. For more information on Blackstone’s products and services call 1-800-639-9590 or visit Blackstone and Blackstone POS are registered trademarks of Blackstone Inc.; US and foreign patents pending.