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Friday, July 11, 2008
(Miami, FL. And Boca Raton, FL.)-Blackstone Calling Cards, Inc. is pleased to announce its agreement with GiftClixx LLC, the newest third party gift card transaction routing and hosting service. This agreement will enable over 15,000 retail distribution locations to GiftClixx and its retailers. GiftClixx LLC, created by Gary Dinkin and his wife, Linda also founder and CEO of SmartClixx LCC is a distinctive peer-to-peer transaction routing and hosting service that allows retailers to communicate and negotiate directly. “Blackstone is very excited to be working with GiftClixx as our primary supplier of Gift Card products to our retailer customer base,” stated Mike Acton, Blackstone’s COO. “We believe, along with GiftClixx, that there is a better way to provide retailers a Gift Card program in conjunction with a distribution platform at a reduced cost and this is it.” The collaboration between Blackstone and GiftClixx will provide major retailers and banks with supplementary distribution channels for third party gift card sales. Gary Dinkin continued by saying, “We are very pleased about having Blackstone as one of our distribution partners because we can now offer numerous retailers a unique opportunity for additional gift card channels at a much lower price point than that of our competitors and easier communications among the consortium of retailers.” Moreover, Blackstone will offer retailers the ability to produce “virtual gift cards” at all locations. “Virtual gift cards” will benefit the environment and eliminate card production and transportation costs associated withplastic cards. If the retailer prefers, Blackstone will continue to distribute traditional plastic cards through their kiosks. About Blackstone Established in 1995, Blackstone has successfully managed to bring a complete end-to-end prepaid program to all retailers regardless of their size. Our comprehensive proprietary platform provides complete merchant solutions from credit/debit processing, prepaid products and bill payment solutions through a multitude of interactive touch screen systems. Our unique Point-of-Sale systems have dual prepaid capabilities, which no other company can offer. Blackstone consistently provides merchants with competitive prepaid and processing rates to meet all of their sales and processing needs. For more information about Blackstone and all their products and services, please visit our website or contact us at 1-800-639-9590. About GiftClixx LLC The GiftClixx platform is a unique and proprietary peer-to-peer transaction routing and hosted service that allows retailers to communicate and negotiate directly. GiftClixx is currently in the process of patenting its application. For more information about GiftClixx LLC and its offerings, please contact Gary Dinkin at 561-994-9715 or ###