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Friday, November 25, 2011
Blackstone Plus Proudly Announces the Release of its Newest Electronic Cigarette
Blackstone announces the release of its proprietary brand of disposable electronic cigarette “Staylit”. These disposable e-cigarettes are made with a simple design. The casing resembles a real cigarette, and the tip even glows red when you inhale. In the interior of the e-cigarette is a disposable cartridge that has liquid nicotine and a vaporization chamber. When you exhale, the vapor has a non-offensive smell with no odor and the mist leaves in just seconds. This e cigarette is equivalent to more than 300 puffs or a pack of cigarettes. Staylit disposable cigarettes look, feel and taste like the real ones. Disposable electronic cigarettes have many benefits from the traditional cigarettes. First, there is no tar, tobacco or second hand smoke. You could experience a real cigarette sensation technology. With this product, there is no need for chargers, wires or refills. Consumers will now have the ability to smoke almost anywhere including indoor locations like clubs and restaurants, where traditional cigarettes are prohibited. Staylit is available in two great flavors and three strengths of nicotine by volume including the Regular 2.4%, Medium 1.8%, Regular Menthol 1.8% and Low Menthol 1.1%. “This is a great product for the convenience store and retail store channels,”said Luis Arias, CEO of Blackstone. “This product not only saves the consumer money, but tastes great too.” Visit our web page to learn more about our exclusive product. About Blackstone Established in 1995, Blackstone has successfully managed to bring a complete end-to-end prepaid program to all retailers regardless of their size. Our comprehensive proprietary platform provides complete merchant solutions from credit/debit processing, prepaid products and bill payment solutions through a multitude of interactive touch screen systems. Our unique Point-of-Sale systems have dual prepaid capabilities, which no other company can offer. Blackstone consistently provides merchants with competitive prepaid and processing rates to meet all of their sales and processing needs. For more information about Blackstone and all their products and services, please visit our website or contact us at 1-800-639-9590.