A robust suite of
network solutions


Please contact us for a specific project or implementation your company has in mind.

Product Creation: Electronic PIN creation and deployment for both virtual and physical products and/or services.

Product Deployment:All electronic products can be deployable onto various platforms including but not limited to: Internet ecommerce, Touch-n-Buy Kiosk, Point of Sale Terminal, Hand Held PDA Device and many others. 

Host-to-Host Integrations:We support integration ready technologies that would allow your platform and our platform to work in unison while providing the services and products to the end user.

Pinserve Turnkey System:If you are looking to host your own platform we can clone our enterprise platform and deploy it anywhere in the world. This includes hardware and software components.

Carrier Portal:If you are a telecom carrier and wish to sell your products on various platforms then the Carrier Portal is the system for you. This allows you to manage and update your PIN inventory as well as view real time reports online. 

IT Support:We have over 200 years worth of combined knowledge base in-house with over 30 full time certified developers and system engineers. We can work with your company to better support and address your needs.